In my past there are lots of hobbies. Unfortunately, due to my travel schedule, I don't have the time anymore. I still try to play my guitar and my banjo as much as I can. But if you've heard me play, you know it's not enough. Fortunately, thanks to the wonderful technology provided by Apple (see I'm a Mac), I can keep Bill Monroe and Paul Simon with me on my iPhone when I'm on the road.

Over the years I loved to photograph using sheet film and a view camera. Nothing was more relaxing than spending a day in the darkroom working with that special image. The results were worth the effort. Unfortunately, those days are gone.

I'm usually behind in my reading, and there's always a writing project begin to be completed or a new one I would like to start. By the way, did I mention that I like Apple computers?

There is one more thing…Ken Ham and I have an ongoing battle at the cribbage board. Even when he thrashes me, Mally gives me a nice cup of tea.

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