Answers in Genesis

In the late 1980s, as I began to seriously study God’s Word, I was confronted with the inconsistencies of my theistic evolution worldview. It became clear to me that if the Bible cannot be trusted in Genesis then it cannot be trusted elsewhere. I read everything I could find on the topic of origins (which in those days was not a lot). As the years passed my hunger for this message went from curiosity to a passion. Then one day I happened to receive a newsletter from a fledgling ministry known as Answers in Genesis. That newsletter changed my life.

Several months later my wife and I visited the AiG office and met Ken and Mally Ham. We spent the day together talking about how the Lord was working though this ministry. Beyond that, a close friendship between the Hams and the Mitchells began that day.

As the years progressed, I attended AiG seminars and supported the ministry whenever the opportunity arose. I served as chairman of a committee that organized a very successful Answers in Genesis regional seminar in Hendersonville, Tennessee, in April 1999.

In early 2005, while showing me the as-yet-incomplete Creation Museum, Ken told me that AiG was looking for a part-time speaker. Much to my surprise, the speaker turned out to be me! Initially, I spoke one or two weekends a month while continuing a full-time medical practice. I really thought I had the best of both worlds. What could be better?

Well, about eight months later, the Lord showed me what was better. In 2006, AiG asked me to become a full time speaker/writer. After a six-month transition period to withdraw from my practice, I moved to Kentucky.

Answers in Genesis keeps me very busy. It seems I travel constantly. Speaking at seminars and at the Creation Museum is my primary duty. There is always lots of writing to be done. Beyond these things, I also serve as technical liaison for the Outreach team, and I am a member of the ministry’s Editorial Review Board.